In developing business in Indonesia, companies face a variety of problems such as legal problems, management problems, in-house frauds, labor-related troubles, government relations, and crisis (terrorism, natural disaster, endemics, civil unrests, etc.).

PT GLC Consulting not only assists clients in management field such as the establishment of a company and employment, but also offers services unique to GLC by interlinking legal consulting, as our main service field; management consulting, the reinforcement of internal control; compliances, financial audit and investigation; crisis management control; and so on; in the prevention of and responses to the above-mentioned various problems.

The first-rate services provided by PT GLC consulting with experts in various fields – lawyers, accountants(financial investigators), investigators, researchers, risk management specialists, information analysis specialists - have been receiving high valuation from a number of multinational companies.

PT GLC Consulting sincerely hope to be of a help in your business operation in Indonesia.


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